Southern Beltway Projects: U.S. Route 22 to I-79

Southern Beltway Projects - U.S. Route 22 to I-79


The U.S. Route 22 to I-79 project is one of three projects that make up the proposed 30-mile, tolled four-lane limited-access highway known as the Southern Beltway. The beltway is located between I-376 near the Pittsburgh International Airport and the Mon/Fayette Expressway (PA Route 43) near Finleyville, PA. The Southern Beltway consists of three independent but interconnected projects that have different project needs and different schedule and funding opportunities. The three project areas extend from Interstate 376 to U.S. Route 22, U.S. Route 22 to Interstate 79 and from Interstate 79 to the Mon/Fayette Expressway. Each of the three projects is self-standing and will not curtail or obligate improvements in other project areas along the corridor.

The Southern Beltway I-376 to U.S. Rt. 22 Project, also known as the Findlay Connector, was the first to be constructed and opened to traffic in October 2006.

The Route 22 to I-79 project is the latest Southern Beltway project to be advanced. It begins at the southern terminus of the Findlay Connector at the Route 22 Interchange and proceeds 13 miles southeast to an interchange with I-79 and a local connection at Morganza Road near the Allegheny/Washington County line. The Record of Decision was issued for the project in September 2008. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is acquiring partial right-of-way and will continue with final design, right-of-way acquisition and construction of the project as funding becomes available. The PTC was able to advance the Route 22 to I-79 project in the spring of 2014 thanks to a boost in funding from Act 89 – a transportation-funding law passed in the fall of 2013.

Please click here for the Record of Decision pdf document.

I-376 to U.S. Route 22

U.S. Route 22 to I-79

I-79 to the Mon/Fayette Expressway