Somerset Bridge

The overhead bridge (No. B-502) at Turnpike milepost 110.12 which carries North Center Avenue (State Route 601) over the Pennsylvania Turnpike mainline in Somerset County is now replaced. The new bridge opened to traffic in July of 2019 and all construction completed in October, 2019.

Work began in the spring of 2018, with construction of a substructure for a temporary bridge. The substructure, which included a pedestrian walkway, was then launched over the Turnpike in June 2018 during a nighttime closure. In July 2018 Waterworks Road and Snyder Street were closed, and traffic on North Center Avenue was moved onto the temporary bridge. Crews also built a temporary entrance to Wendy’s/Verizon and installed temporary traffic signals at the Wendy’s/Verizon and Starbucks/Ruby Tuesday intersections.

Demolition of the old bridge structure began soon after it was closed to traffic. The beams were removed during a nighttime closure of the Turnpike at the end of July 2018. Once the old abutments were demolished, construction of the new structure began. Steel beams were set on the newly constructed abutments and center pier during nighttime closures of the Turnpike in December 2018 and January 2019.

Throughout the 2019 construction season, crews built the bridge deck, barrier, and sidewalk in addition to constructing the permanent roadway approaches providing roadway surface improvements as well as roadway and pedestrian safety enhancements.

The new, two-span steel-plate girder bridge now carries two 11-foot travel lanes, a center 14-foot turning lane, a four-foot shoulder with a five-foot curbed sidewalk on the western side of the bridge and a nine-foot shoulder on the eastern side. The new bridge now ties into the existing North Center Avenue (State Route 601) on the same existing roadway alignment.

The bridge replacement and approach work cost an estimated $7.5 million and is fully funded by Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission toll revenue. The design and construction of this project is being administered by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission with the participation of PennDOT District 9-0.