PA Turnpike Milepost 124.5 to 133.8 Reconstruction

Project Overview

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is planning to reconstruct and widen approximately nine miles of the PA Turnpike (Milepost 124.5 to 133.8); which includes some curve flattening on the Turnpike mainline, the replacement of three overhead bridges (over the Turnpike) and three Turnpike mainline bridges, including the rehabilitation of the Tunnel Road structure. Also included is the New Baltimore Slope Remediation project located from Milepost 127.9 (Tunnel Road) to Milepost 128.7 (0.3 miles West of Findley Street) in Allegheny Township, Somerset County. The full depth roadway reconstruction project begins at Milepost 124.5 (1.1 Miles East of the Allegheny Tunnel) in Allegheny Township, Somerset County and continues to Milepost 133.8 (1.4 Miles East of the Kegg Maintenance Facility) in Juniata Township, Bedford County. The reconstruction will occur within Allegheny Township and New Baltimore Borough in Somerset County and Juniata Township in Bedford County.

The widening of the Turnpike mainline will be completed in two construction contracts, one from Milepost 124.5 to Milepost 130.5 and one from Milepost 130.5 to Milepost 133.8. Upon completion of the projects, the Turnpike will be widened from 82 feet to 122 feet. It will consist of 6 travel lanes (3 westbound and 3 eastbound) with a 26-foot median, and 12-foot outside shoulders. The three overhead bridges have been replaced and the New Baltimore Slope Remediation is substantially complete.

The overhead bridges (bridges that cross over the turnpike) have been replaced:

  • Cider Road East Bridge Replacement (Juniata Township), Milepost 132.5 (Construction completed in 2012)
  • Cider Road West Bridge Replacement (Juniata Township), Milepost 130.9 (Construction completed in 2013)
  • Findley Street Bridge Replacement (New Baltimore Borough), Milepost 129.0 (Construction completed in 2014)

Construction of the New Baltimore Slope Remediation project ((Milepost 127.9, (Tunnel Road) to Milepost 128.7, (0.3 miles West of Findley Street) in Allegheny Township, Somerset County)) will be completed by the Spring of 2017. Construction began in the Spring of 2015.

The three mainline bridges will be replaced as part of the western mainline reconstruction and widening project. The bridges are:

  • Mainline over S.R. 1015 (Allegheny Township), Milepost 125.3
  • Mainline over S.R. 3012 (Juniata Township), Milepost 129.9
  • Mainline over the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River (Juniata Township) at Milepost 130.0

The structure carrying Tunnel Road under the Turnpike at Milepost 127.9 will be rehabilitated as part of the western mainline reconstruction and widening project.

This project also involves constructing noise barriers along the westbound lanes at the town of New Baltimore, constructing new stormwater facilities, retaining walls, culvert extensions and wetland / stream mitigation sites.