Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction Mileposts 12 to 14 Beaver County

This multi phase project involves the total reconstruction and widening of two miles of the Turnpike's ast-west mainline (Interstate 76) between Milepost 12 and Milepost 14. Upon completion of this project the existing four-lane facility, will be upgraded to include six-twelve foot travel lanes, three (3) East bound and three (3) West bound, 12 foot shoulders and 10 foot medians in each direction. In order to accommodate the new six lane facility, four early action bridges including, two overhead Norfolk Southern railroad bridges will be replaced prior to the start of construction of the Turnpike mainline. To date (2020) all early action projects have been completed. Construction of the turnpike mainline and the bridges of the Beaver River are currently in final design.

Project Summary: Total reconstruction and widening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) to three lanes each direction from Milepost 12 to Milepost 14, Beaver County

Stage 1
Three, separate Early Action Bridge Replacement Projects
Stage 2
Total Reconstruction MP 12-14 and Replacement of Bridge WB-206 Over the Beaver River

Construction Start
Stage 1September 2013
Stage 2To Be Determined

Construction Completion
Stage 1November 2017
Stage 2To Be Determined

Project Cost
$150,000 Million (Approximate)