Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction Mileposts 12 to 14 Beaver County
Project Overview (As of April 2016)
This project, located in North Sewickley Township, Homewood Borough and Big Beaver Borough in Beaver County, involves the complete replacement of the mainline bridge over the Beaver River (WB-211, MP T13.21) The mainline will be shifted to the north to accommodate traffic during construction and to avoid environmental and utility issues to the south. The existing interchange will be reconfigured into a conventional interchange with SR 0018. The new roadway will be constructed to accommodate six lanes of traffic. The approximate limits of construction range from Milepost 12 to Milepost 14.

This project also involves the complete replacement of three overhead structures (WB-206, WB-207, WB-208), a mainline bridge (WB-209) over SR 0018, a culvert (WB-212) extension over Thompson Run and a new retaining wall within the reconfigured interchange.

Two of the overhead structures (WB-207, WB-208) carry Norfolk Southern Railroad and have been replaced under an early action contract, completed in November of 2015. The replacement structures are two span, steel, thru-girder bridges.

A temporary bridge was installed between late 2013 and Mid 2014 to replace bridge WB-210A, Exit 13 ramps over SR 0018. The temporary bridge was required due to the poor condition of the existing structure and the lack of clearance over SR 0018.

A third early action contract will relocate portions of Foxwood Drive and the portions of the Homewood Viaduct. The third early action construction project will start work in the spring of 2016 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

The drawings below show a cross-section of the roadway's layout as it is now and how it will look, at the completion of the project.