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Milepost 149.5 to Milepost 155.5: Project Description

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) plans to invest $163 million to provide for the total roadway reconstruction and widening of six miles of the PA Turnpike, which includes replacing or eliminating bridges. The project area begins at Milepost 149.5 east of the Bedford Interchange (Exit 146), and continues to Milepost 155.5 west of the Breezewood Interchange (Exit 161), in Snake Spring and West Providence Townships, Bedford County.

Upon completion of this project, the existing four-lane facility will be upgraded to a six-lane facility (three 12-foot travel lanes eastbound and three westbound) with a 26-foot median and 12-foot right shoulders.

The widening of the Turnpike mainline is anticipated to be completed in one construction contract. The mainline bridges to be replaced are:

  • B-445 - Mainline over Quarry Road Bridge Replacement, Snake Spring Township
  • B-516 - Mainline over SR 1004 (Ashcom Road) Bridge Replacement, Snake Spring Township
  • B-517- Mainline over SR 1004 (Black Valley Road) Bridge Replacement, West Providence Township
  • B-520 - Mainline over SR 2025 ( North Milk & Water Road) Bridge Replacement, West Providence Township

The mainline & overpass bridges to be eliminated are:

  • B-442 - Mainline over SR 2019 (Lutzville Road) Mainline Bridge Elimination, Snake Spring Township
  • B-518- T-656 (Hazelette Street) overpass Bridge Elimination, West Providence Township
  • B-519 - Mainline over SR 2027 (Hollars Extension) Mainline Bridge Elimination, West Providence Township

With these bridge eliminations, three new connector roads will be constructed.

During construction of the Turnpike mainline bridges, local roads will be detoured. The project also involves one Turnpike mainline bridge extension and two culvert extensions (B-221 Cove Creek and B-227 Black Valley Creek), construction of retaining walls, sound barriers, stormwater facilities, and replacement areas for wetlands and streams.