Tuscarora Tunnel Rehabilitation Project

Project Overview

REHABILITATION of the TUSCARORA TUNNEL between MP 185.89 and MP 187.49

Project Summary

REHABILITATION of the TUSCARORA TUNNEL between MP 185.89 and MP 187.49.

Construction Start: Late 2019

Construction Completion: Mid 2023

Project Total: $110 million

General Contractor: Mosites Construction Company, Pittsburgh, PA

Construction Manager: Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc, Harrisburg, PA

Design Consultant: Gannett Fleming, Harrisburg, PA

For active travel advisories, please use the 511PA link application.

This $110M project provides for the rehabilitation of Tuscarora Tunnel and portal buildings including upgrade of fire/life safety/ communication systems, upgrade of electrical systems including new back-up generators, new ventilation system, new lighting system, mechanical upgrades and new Tunnel Control System. Scope of work also includes improvements of the entrances to tunnels.

  • Work in the eastbound tunnel includes removal of the existing tunnel ceiling, installation of a PVC membrane waterproofing system and shotcrete liner, replacement of walkway, roadway barriers and drainage. Additionally, the overall travel lanes of the eastbound tunnel will be increased by nearly two and a half feet.
  • Work in the westbound tunnel includes installation of vertical drains in the existing liner walls and replacement of drainage system.
  • Both tunnels receive new lighting and electronic systems and improvements to Fire/Life Safety/Communication systems.
  • In addition, the scope includes full-depth replacement of approach roadways; rehabilitation of dual mainline 2-span continuous deck I-beam bridges at MP 185.9. Work at the bridges includes deck repairs, installation of membrane waterproofing and bituminous overlay, asphaltic plug expansion joints, painting, new concrete end diaphragms, and installation of a wingwall buttress.

The Project was issued Notice to Proceed on July 31, 2019 and has a Project Completion date of June 23, 2023.