Tuscarora Tunnel Rehabilitation Project

Project Details

Multiple tasks will be completed while the tunnel is under construction. Some improvements will be made in both tunnels, while others will only apply to one tube. Major tasks associated with this tunnel improvement project include:

  • upgrade fire/life safety/communication systems
  • upgrade electrical systems including new back-up generators
  • upgrade mechanical system
  • replace walkway and roadway barriers
  • replace drainage system
  • new lighting system
  • new tunnel control system
  • new ventilation system
  • improve tunnel entrances
  • remove existing ceiling
  • install a PVC membrane waterproofing system and shotcrete liner
  • widen travel lanes

The scope also includes full-depth replacement of approach roadways and rehabilitation of dual mainline two-span continuous deck I-beam bridges at MP 185.9. Bridge tasks include deck repairs; installation of membrane waterproofing and bituminous overlay; asphaltic plug expansion joints, painting, new concrete end diaphragm; and installation of a wingwall buttress.