Project Overview

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is planning to reconstruct and widen the Mainline of the Turnpike from Milepost 298 to 312 in Berks and Chester Counties. From west to east, the first section (MP 298 - 302) extends from the Morgantown Interchange to just east of Yoder Road. The next section (MP 302 - 308) continues to just west of Styer Road. The third section (MP 308 - 312) ends just east of SR 100.

Project teams for each section will start by developing base mapping and conducting field work to assess existing traffic, environmental, and subsurface conditions. Preliminary designs for each section began in the summer of 2013 and will take approximately two years. Open House Plans Displays were held in September 2015 for Milepost 308 - 312, and in November 2015 for Milepost 298 - 302. The date for the Milepost 302 - 308 Open House is to be determined.

Marsh Creek State Park

For this project, the Commission is proposing to permanently take Marsh Creek State Park lands needed to reconstruct the highway. In accordance with federal restrictions and requirements, the Commission has provided replacement lands that exceed both the acreage and appraised value of the land being taken. For further information, please see the project plans and the PA Bulletin.

For information on other sections of the Pennsylvania Turnpike currently in construction or design, please visit the Major Design and Construction Projects homepage.