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Total Reconstruction and Widening of MP 40 to 48:
Hartwood Acres Wetland Mitigation



The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is completing a total reconstruction project on a section of the Turnpike between Mileposts 39.62 and 44.04 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The project is reconstructing and widening the existing lanes and median, and replacing or rehabilitating the bridges and culverts located within the project boundary.

About the Project

Due to the total reconstruction project, unavoidable wetland impacts resulted in the need to construct a 0.519 acres of replacement wetlands. The PTC and the Allegheny County Parks Department are partnering to construct a replacement wetland site at Hartwood Acres Park. The Hartwood Acres wetland site will be located off of Saxonburg Road. The plan for the Hartwood Acres wetland design below incorporates two separate wetland areas (cells):

Each wetland area is directly adjacent to the stream Blue Run. The wetland areas will be constructed by excavating a flat bench within the existing fields. Wetland areas 1 and 2 will be graded to allow for varying hydrologic regimes ranging from six inches above the water elevation to saturated soils, to a maximum of six inches of water, providing habitat diversity within the wetland. Area 1, located at the north end of the site, will be approximately 0.44 acre in size and will include 0.039 acre of forested and scrub-shrub habitat. Area 2, located at the south end of the site, will consist of 0.17 acre of emergent habitat.

In addition to constructing the wetlands, the PTC will replace the culvert at the existing stream crossing over Blue Run at the entrance road located there. The proposed work is required, permitted, and being monitored by the Allegheny County Conservation District, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the PA Department of Environmental Protection. After the mitigation site has met the mitigation goals, it will be included in the Natural Resources Management Plan for Hartwood Acres.

Why are wetlands important?

Wetlands provide many functions and values, which can include increased floodwater storage and protection, enhancement of wildlife habitat, sediment/toxicant retention, groundwater recharge, nutrient cycling, water filtration and purification, and visual aesthetics.

What the Site Looks Like Today!
Community Outreach     Community Outreach

                 Existing site photo of the Proposed Wetland Area 1,                                                   Existing site photo of the Proposed Wetland Area 2
                                    adjacent to Blue Run.                                                                                               adjacent to Blue Run.

Community Outreach

                Existing site photo of the Proposed Wetland Area 2,
                                  adjacent to Blue Run.

Construction Schedule:

Start Date - August 27, 2018
Fall 2018 - Wetland Construction
Spring 2019 - Wetland Planting

Post-Construction Photos
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Community Outreach     Community Outreach


Community Outreach     Community Outreach