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Total Reconstruction and Widening of MP 40 to 48
Roadway Overview

The project involves the total reconstruction and widening of eight miles of the Turnpike’s east-west mainline (Interstate 76). Upon completion of this project the existing four-lane facility, with 12-foot shoulders and a 10-foot median, will be upgraded to a six-lane facility (three 12-foot travel lanes eastbound and three westbound) with a 26-foot median and 12-foot shoulders. The new 26-foot median will consist of two 12-foot-wide inside shoulders and a two-foot-wide concrete barrier. The project will also include the construction of storm water facilities, and the mitigation of impacted wetlands and streams.

Collectively, these roadway upgrades will result in substantial improvements to safety and congestion in addition to completely replacing aging pavement built in 1951.

Proposed Highway

Existing Highway