Milepost 49 to Milepost 53 Design

Project Overview

Bridge WB-451 Leechburg Road Viaduct photo

This project section is 3.5 miles in length and includes widening the existing turnpike mainline to accommodate six 12’ lanes with 12’ inside and outside shoulders. Also included in this section’s design are overhead and mainline structure (such as bridges and overpasses) replacements. The estimated construction cost is $90-$110 million. The section begins approximately one mile east of the Allegheny Valley Interchange and traverses portions of the Borough of Oakmont , Plum Borough, and the municipalities of Monroeville in Allegheny County. The project begins near the Hulton Road over the turnpike in front of the Oakmont Country Club and ends in the vicinity of Plum Aqua Club and Saltsburg Road.

Improvements to substandard mainline curves, bridge overhead vertical clearances and roadway widths will be included. All bridges will be replaced and many of these replacements will be completed ahead of mailine widening.

Corridor Overview
This project is one of three sections within 18 miles of continuous expansion that includes mainline reconstruction and widening, geometry improvements and overhead/mainline bridge replacements. The mainline reconstruction and widening plan is to widen all east- and west-bound travel lanes from two to three in each direction. The limits of this corridor are from Milepost 49 at Oakmont Country Club to Milepost 67 at Irwin Interchange. Below is a graphic showing the roadway configuration before and after widening.

Corridor Overview Map Milepost 49 to 67 and Typical Sections