Milepost 49 to Milepost 53 Design

Construction Sections

Construction segments have not yet been defined but it is the intent for construction segments to be limited to six miles (or less) of continuous mainline. Some elements of the Milepost 49 to 53 section will need constructed earlier than others. As those sections are defined, more information will be provided, so please return in the future.

The Unity Trestle Road bridge replacement is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in late Summer 2021. For the majority of the construction period, two lanes in each direction will be maintained on the Turnpike. During off peak hours, short term lane closures will be required to safely complete the work. Bi-directional traffic along Unity Trestle Road will be maintained on the existing bridge while the new bridge is under construction. Once the new bridge is complete in the fall of 2020, Unity Trestle Road will be restricted to one lane utilizing daylight flagging operations to connect the roadway to the new bridge. More details will be provided as the project schedule progresses.