MP A38-A44: Project Overview


The project team will contintue working on the following tasks which aid in the preparation of final plans and environmental permits for the widening and reconstruction of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast Extension from milepost A38 to A44.

Field Survey: The entire project area was surveyed by overhead low-level mapping. Additional manual field surveys are needed in certain areas to obtain greater detail and accuracy.

Environmental Studies: Several types of environmental studies are needed to comply with various local, state and federal regulations. Detailed surveys are underway to map and assess specific regulated resources including wetlands, streams, archaeological sites, historic structures, and threatened and endangered species.

Utility Coordination: Many utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer, telephone, cable, etc.) are located within the project area (particularly at roadways crossing the Turnpike), so it is necessary to coordinate with each utility company to resolve any potential conflicts with proposed project activities. Required relocations will be coordinated throughout the duration of the project.

Roadway Borings: Soil borings are performed to uncover the types and qualities of the soils and rock within the project area. This information is needed for the design of the bridge foundations as well as the roadway pavement and slopes. A boring is performed by drilling to a pre-determined depth and extracting soil samples for testing. One boring can typically be completed within one day. Any boring area outside of the Turnpike's right-of-way is restored to its original condition.


There are no construction activities at this time.


The existing overhead bridges within the project corridor need to be replaced to accommodate the future widening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast Extension from four to six lanes. Two of these overhead bridges carrying Trumbauersville Road and Steinsburg Road over the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast Extension were recently constructed and open to traffic in November 2017. Several photos documenting construction progress at each of these structures are provided below.

Trumbauersville Road:

Steinsburg Road: