Northeast Extension Milepost A48 to A53
Total Reconstruction Project


The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) plans to reconstruct and widen the Northeastern Extension (I-476) from milepost (MP) A48 – MP A53. The project corridor traverses Lower and Upper Milford Townships, Borough of Emmaus, and Lower Macungie Township in Lehigh County.

The existing four-lane highway (72' wide) will be reconstructed to accommodate six 12-foot travel lanes with 12-foot left and right shoulders and a 2' median barrier (122' wide) on the Mainline Turnpike (I-476). The Project's Design Team continues to develop design plans in support of the environmental permitting process.

Bridge Replacements

The project will include removing and replacing two overhead bridges, including the Vera Cruz Road Bridge (State Route 2027) and Indian Creek Road Bridge (State Route 2018). The bridges must be lengthened to accommodate the wider turnpike roadway before roadway reconstruction and widening can begin.

The PTC will coordinate closely with PennDOT and local municipalities as the preliminary engineering progresses. PTC's goal is to disrupt local traffic as little as possible.

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The following display includes the existing facility as it looks today and the proposed roadway upon completion.