PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

I-95 Redesignation

Construction of the new PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange has allowed planned implementation of the 1982 Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) provision, where I-95 in Pennsylvania is now redesignated through the new Interchange with I-276 (PA Turnpike), east along the PA Turnpike, across the Delaware River Bridge of the NJ Turnpike Connector to New Jersey, east along the connector to NJ Turnpike Exit 6 and then north along the NJ Turnpike. The previous section of I-95 north of the new Interchange continues to serve interstate traffic and be maintained to Interstate standards, but required a new route designation.

The approved renumbering scheme consists of the extension of I-295 from its original terminus at the Route 1 Interchange in New Jersey over the original I-95 alignment to the new Interchange with the PA Turnpike. In Pennsylvania, this required the redesignation of I-95, for 10.4 miles from the PA Turnpike to the Scudder Falls bridge as I-295 East (toward Princeton)/West (toward Philadelphia), and in New Jersey, this required the redesignation of I-95, for 9.2 miles from the Scudder Falls bridge to Route 1, as I-295 North (toward Pennsylvania)/South (toward Wilmington), which has been completed. This redesignation scheme was approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in May 2015.

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