PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Galloway Road Bridge

Project Description

As part of the Interchange Project the existing Galloway Road Bridge over the Pennsylvania Turnpike has been replaced to prepare for future additional Turnpike traffic lanes.

The main supports (abutments) of the bridge have been moved further apart. The new bridge is significantly longer than the former bridge and includes two 12-foot wide travel lanes, 8-foot wide shoulders and a pedestrian sidewalk on the east side of the bridge.

The new bridge also has two spans with a new support (pier) in the Turnpike median.

Project Schedule

The construction started in October 2010 with implementation of the detour. Construction was completed in November 2011.

Construction Status

October/November 2011

  • All roadway paving, line striping and bridge fencing completed.
  • Reconstructed bridge re-opened to traffic November 4, 2011, ending 1-year closure.
  • Remaining work includes completing punch-list items, final grading and removing temporary erosion controls.

Image Gallery

  • Completed new water main attached to bridge
    (Oct/Nov 2011)

  • Contractor staining eastside parapet
    (Oct/Nov 2011)

  • Completed pedestrian sidewalk on new bridge
    (Oct/Nov 2011)