PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Section B - Mainline Toll Plaza in Bensalem

Project Description

Toll plazas were located at the eastern end of the Turnpike at the Delaware River Bridge (Exit 359) and the Delaware Valley Interchange (Exit 358). In order to complete the connection between the Turnpike and Interstate 95, the tolling facilities were relocated. The new mainline toll plaza was relocated just east of the Route 1/Bensalem E-Z Pass Only Interchanges.

This project included two separate locations at which the toll facilities were built. The first project worksite was located between milepost 351.4 – 354.1. In this location, a portion of I-276 was reconstructed and widened, and a new mainline toll plaza was built at milepost 352.6. The second project worksite was located at the existing Delaware River Bridge toll plaza at milepost 358, just west of the Delaware River Bridge crossing in Bucks County, and included the construction of an Open Road Tolling system.

This project included :

  • Construction of a new mainline toll plaza with 4 Express E-ZPass lanes, 3 conventional entry and 5 exit tolling lanes
  • Installation of a prefabricated utility building to support Open Road Tolling at the Delaware River Bridge
  • Demolition of the existing Delaware River Bridge mainline toll plaza (Exit #359)
  • Demolition of the existing Delaware Valley Interchange toll plaza (Exit 358) and
  • Widening 2.7 miles of I-276 including 0.5 miles at the Delaware River Bridge site.

Additional work items included, but were not limited to: installation of guiderail, drainage inlets and pipes; three rain gardens; six storm water management basins; sound barriers; retaining walls; box culverts; and, right-of-way fencing.

As part of the overall work, three separate contracts were included for HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing work associated with the new tolling facilities.

Relocation of the mainline toll plaza was required to accommodate the future re-designation of I-276 to I-95. The portion of the mainline Turnpike (I-276), between I-95 and the Delaware River will be re-designated as I-95 when the connection is completed with the construction of Sections D10 and D20.

Project Schedule

Construction began in June 2013 and was completed in four (4) major phases. The new toll plaza and Open Road Tolling system was made operational in fall 2015 with project completion in 2016.

Construction Status

November/December 2016

  • Project Completed.

Image Gallery

  • Westbound and eastbound lanes open to traffic full width at former DRB Plaza
    (August 2016)

  • On/Off Ramp open to traffic full width at former DVI Plaza
    (August 2016)

  • Emergency Opening to Access Road adjacent to I-276 westbound roadway
    (August 2016)

  • Maintenance turnaround in median of Route 13 On/Off Ramp
    (August 2016)