PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Richlieu Road Bridge

Project Description

In order to provide for future Turnpike travel lanes associated with the I-95 Interchange Project, the existing Richlieu Road Bridge over the Turnpike (MP 352.36) has been replaced. The existing supports (abutments) have been moved further apart to provide additional room for the new travel lanes.

The new bridge has been built adjacent to the east side of the previously existing bridge. The new bridge is significantly longer and includes two 12-foot wide travel lanes and 8-foot shoulders. The new structure has 2 spans with a new support (pier) in the Turnpike median.

Traffic was maintained on the existing bridge during construction of the new adjacent structure. There was a short duration detour in order to construct the new bridge roadway approaches.

Project Schedule

Construction began in late March 2012 and was completed in November 2013.

Construction Status

September 2013

  • Contractor completed grading and slope wall installation at both bridge abutments.
  • Contractor completed grading and slope stabilization work.

Image Gallery

  • Slope wall grading on the westbound side of the new Richlieu Road Bridge
    (Sept 2013)

  • New slope wall installation at the westbound abutment
    (Sept 2013)

  • New slope wall installation at the eastbound abutment of the Richlieu Road Bridge
    (Sept 2013)

  • Richlieu Road Bridge median pier is completed
    (Sept 2013)

  • Contractor installing slope wall at new Richlieu Road Bridge eastbound abutment
    (Sept 2013)