PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Route 13 Connector Project

Project Description

The limits of the Route 13 Connector project extend from the former DVI Toll Plaza to Route 13. The Route 13 Connector ramp and bridge over Ellwood Avenue are being realigned to the south in order to directly link traffic to a proposed at-grade signalized intersection with Route 13. The reconstruction/widening of the Route 13 Connector ramp consists of plain cement concrete pavement with single lanes 12-15 feet wide in each direction with each lane accompanied by inside (5-foot) and outside (10-foot) shoulders. As the Route 13 Connector ramp converges at the signalized intersection with Route 13, the ramp widens to multiple on- and off-ramp turn lanes. As part of the realignment, the Route 13 Connector ramp bridge over Ellwood Avenue is being reconstructed in two separate stages, one for off-ramp to Route 13 and one for the on-ramp from Route 13. Existing PECO poles carrying electric wires and various fiber optic cables (Comcast, Verizon, Sunesys) which span over and under the existing Route 13 Connector ramp bridge at Ellwood Avenue are to be relocated. The existing bridge over Route 13 will be demolished.

Project Schedule

It is anticipated that the project will involve 5 stages of construction beginning in the spring of 2018 and completing in August of 2020. During the various stages of construction, traffic will be maintained on the ramp and Route 13 with limited periodic lane restrictions during off-peak nighttime hours.

Project Limits

Route 13 Connector Project Limits

Construction Status

September 2020 to February 2021

  • Switched traffic along northbound/southbound Route 13 and on-/off-ramp A to its final configuration on August 28, 2020.
  • Conducted final adjustment of the signalization at the at-grade intersection of Route 13 and ramp A.
  • Excavated and installed the gabion baskets and concrete pavers at Basins 1-4. Placement of amended topsoil and plantings to occur in spring 2021.
  • Formed and poured concrete curb along Ellwood Avenue. 
  • Milled and paved Ellwood Avenue.
  • Began preparing project-wide punch list.
  • The connection of PennDOT’s fiber optic cable of their interconnect system spanning from the intersection of ramp A and Route 13 to Green Lane remains to be completed. 

Image Gallery

  • Southbound Route 13 traffic open to final roadway configuration
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Forming/pouring curb along Ellwood Avenue
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Southbound Route 13 turning lane onto on-ramp A to I-95
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Excavating and constructing forebay with gabion baskets at Basin 3
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Intersection of emergency turnaround and Route 13
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Traffic exiting from off-ramp A to northbound/southbound Route 13
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Installation of gabion baskets and concrete pavers in Basin 2 forebay
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Installation of gabion baskets and curb in Basin 2 forebay
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Installation of baffle gabion baskets
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)

  • Installation of gabion baskets and concrete curb for Basin 4 forebay
    (Sep 2020/Feb 2021)