PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Section D20 - Turnpike/I-95 Interchange/ Interstate 95 South to PA 413

Project Description

As the second contract for construction of the I95/I276 Interchange connection, Section D20 will widen existing I95 between Neshaminy Creek and existing I276. The project will include construction of the new Southbound I95 “flyover” structure, which will connect I95 Southbound and I276 Westbound.

Existing I95 north of the Turnpike will be re-designated as I295 with new signing installed as part of this project. In order to provide sufficient room for the merging of the two roadways, Section D20 consists of widening and reconstruction of approximately 2 miles of existing I95.

This project also includes:

  • Construction of a new 15 span bridge which will connect the newly aligned I95 with the redesignated I295
  • Construction of retaining walls along both Northbound and Southbound I95 due to widening of the existing roadway
  • Sound barrier walls along Northbound areas of the project
  • Replacement/reconstruction of the existing roadways
  • Installation of new drainage systems, construction of basins for erosion control and storm water management
  • Replacement of signing and guide rail
  • Installation of ITS facilities
  • Installation of redesignation signing from Scudder Falls to Center City Philadelphia.

Project Schedule

The project schedule anticipates work to begin in the fall of 2015 and continue through the 2018 construction season. There are 4 major phases of traffic which will occur during the 3-year construction timeframe.

Construction Status

August 2019 to January 2020

  • Placed rock armor under low bridges for erosion protection.
  • Completed concrete roadway repairs.
  • Converted Basin N2 to post-construction stormwater basin.
  • Completed basin subgrade exploration/infiltration testing for Basins N4, N3, M4 and N7.

Image Gallery

  • Excavation of stormwater basin
    (Mar/Jul 2019)

  • Grading of stormwater basin under flyover bridge
    (Mar/Jul 2019)

  • Installation of access road under flyover bridge
    (Mar/Jul 2019)

  • Stabilization measures under flyover bridge
    (Mar/Jul 2019)

  • Excavation/embankment operation adjacent to flyover bridge
    (Mar/Jul 2019)

  • Stabilization measures adjacent to stormwater basin
    (Mar/Jul 2019)