PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Delaware River Bridge

Delaware River Bridge Reconstruction

Construction 2025 or later

This section will include the replacement of the existing Delaware River Bridge. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (Commission), in conjunction with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (Authority), has initiated environmental studies and preliminary engineering for the replacement of the Delaware River Bridge as part of the interchange between the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276) and Interstate 95 (I-95) in Bristol Township, Bucks County. Previously, the intent was to build a new bridge and rehabilitate the existing bridge. Due to a fracture of one of the beams a few years ago, the Commission is moving forward with replacing the bridge in its entirety. In order for the required studies and engineering design to be performed, it may be necessary for employees and/or agents of the Commission to enter properties in the vicinity of the proposed project limits to gather information essential to the completion of surveys, reports and required permit applications.

Please note that this is a large project and is in the beginning stages of development. It’s anticipated that it will take several years to progress the design before construction will start.

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  • Can you provide a rough timeline for actions that might result in property acquisitions?
    The Commission estimates 3-years at a minimum before any property acquisition may take place.
  • Please explain references to a “North or South alignment” related to the bridge.
    References to the “North and South alignment” were included in the Interchange Project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) / Record of Decision (ROD), which is over 15 years old at this point. The age of the EIS/ROD has necessitated the current environmental re-evaluation.
  • Will the process for the project be public?
    Yes. The Commission will share new information as it becomes available.
  • When will the Commission communicate with local landowners again?
    Since the results of the environmental studies are unknown at this time, the Commission cannot estimate when subsequent communication with land owners will take place, however, updates for adjacent land owners may be available in the next 12-15 months.
  • Please explain what the Commission’s surveyors will be tasked with during this study phase.
    Field work is estimated to begin in March 2020 and progress through the remainder of the year. The majority of residential properties will most likely be surveyed from street side and will require minimal access to the actual property.
  • What was originally planned, before the fracture on the bridge?
    The general design in the approved 2003 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Record of Decision (ROD) was a newly constructed parallel bridge to the south of the existing bridge to accommodate eastbound traffic destined for New Jersey and rehabilitation of the existing bridge to accommodate westbound traffic into Pennsylvania. After the fracture 3-years ago, and considering the dated and limited environmental documentation from 2003, the Commission/Authority are moving forward with the re-evaluation of this concept.