PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project


This map is posted on both Construction and Design home pages.

Planned Design

  • Section A
    Turnpike Mainline Widening from West of Street Road to Richlieu Road
    Construction to begin after Toll Conversion/Section A1 completion and funding is identified
  • Section E
    Turnpike Mainline Westbound Widening from I-95 flyover connection to Delaware River
    Final design to begin 2017
  • Section D30/D40
    Remaining Interchange Ramps and I-295 and PA Turnpike widening
    Final design to begin 2017
  • Parallel Delaware River Bridge
    New Southern Delaware River Bridge
    Construction 2025 or later

Current Design

  • Route 13 Connector
    Ramp A reconstruction through new at-grade intersection with Route 13
    Construction anticipated to begin Fall 2017
  • Park and Ride
    New Park and Ride Facility
    Construction anticipated in 2017
  • New Falls
    New Falls Road bridge replacement
    Construction can begin after 2018 when funding is identified
  • Section C
    Turnpike Mainline Widening from Galloway Road to Bensalem Boulevard
    Construction to begin following Hulmeville Road bridge replacement when funding is identified

Completed Design (Current/Completed Construction)

  • S5 - Hulmeville Road Bridge
    Hulmeville Road bridge replacement
    Construction completion late 2018
  • Section A1
    Replacement of bridge at MP 351.37 (Bensalem Interchange ramps over mainline)
    Construction completion 2019
  • Section D20
    I-95 Widening and Flyover completion
    Construction began late Summer 2015
  • Section D10
    Turnpike Widening and I-95 Interchange Flyovers
    Construction completion Fall 2017
  • Section B
    Existing DRB Toll Plaza conversion; Del Val Int. Toll Plaza Demo; New Mainline Toll Plaza Construction
    Construction Completion mid 2016
  • S1 (Galloway Road)
    Galloway Road bridge replacement was completed in order to accommodate PA Turnpike widening
    Construction complete
  • S1 (Bristol Oxford Valley Road)
    Bristol Oxford Valley Road bridge replacement was completed in order to accommodate PA Turnpike widening
    Construction complete
  • S2 (Richlieu Road)
    Richlieu Road bridge replacement
    Construction complete
  • S3 (Ford Road)
    Ford Road bridge replacement
    Construction complete
  • S4 (Bensalem Boulevard)
    Bensalem Boulevard bridge replacement
    Construction complete
  • Advanced ITS
    Advanced ITS Deployment
    Construction complete
  • Stage 1 ITS
    Stage 1 ITS Deployment
    Construction within Stage 1 mainline sections (Completion late 2018)
  • Stream Mitigation
    Stream Mitigation Site
    Construction complete
  • Wetland Mitigation
    Wetland Mitigation Site
    Construction complete