PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Drive Through South to North

In this visualization, the vehicle travels northbound along I-95, initially passing under the Ford Road Bridge before approaching the new Interchange. Two lanes continue on I-95 North, developing on the right side of the highway, as an elevated section of I-95 South can be seen in the opposite direction before it merges with vehicles from I-295 West. After passing the split to continue to I-95 North via the flyover lanes on the right, the motorist continues along what is now designated as I-295 East. The motorist soon passes under the ramps for I-95 South, followed by I-95 North to Turnpike West (depicted on the left side) and I-295 West to I-95 North. An acceleration lane from I-95 South to I-295 East develops on the right side as the visualization comes to an end.

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