PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Market Attractiveness

Since highway interchanges typically provide links between local and regional markets that spur economic growth, the proposed interchange between the PA Turnpike and I-95 has the potential to impact the economies of Bucks County and the Greater Philadelphia region by:

  • Increasing the attractiveness of Bucks County as a premier office location
  • Increasing the flow of tourism dollars for Bucks County and the Philadelphia region

Office Attraction

The proposed interchange could increase Bucks County's competitive position compared to other Philadelphia suburban office markets. Potential office development could shift from elsewhere within the region to Bucks County. A smaller percentage of development would represent businesses moving into the area from other parts of the country. As a result, the economic benefits based on the study conducted in 2000 were:

  • 2,700 new jobs in Bucks County by 2025
  • $375,000,000 in business sales in Bucks County by 2025
  • $75,000,000 in personal income in Bucks County by 2025

Business Sales and Personal Income Changes in Bucks County


The lack of a connection between the region’s two major interstate highways has hampered the Greater Philadelphia region’s development as a tourist attraction. The new interchange could result in more opportunities to attract tourists to new and existing local tourist attractions. In the 2000 study this translated into 225,000 additional day visitors and 11,000 overnight visitors to the region by 2010. As a result, the economic benefits were:

  • $12,000,000 in regional business sales by 2025
  • $9,000,000 in regional personal income by 2025

Employment Growth Due to Increase in Tourist Visits

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You also may download the full report (60 pages) of the economic impact study for complete analyses and results, or its executive summary (20 pages) for study highlights.