PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project

Quality of Life

In addition to increasing personal income and business profits, the proposed PA Turnpike/I-95 Interchange Project could positively affect the quality of life in the region making it a more attractive place to live and work.

Impact on Personal Travel Time

Since building the proposed interchange would create a more efficient highway network, travel time would be reduced for non-work related trips, such as shopping, recreation and other everyday activities.

Impact on Tax Revenues

The actual loss of property tax revenues from property displacements would be very small. It is likely that increased investment in existing properties and new development would greatly offset these small losses. For instance, the associated increase in assessed property values due to a highway interchange can be seen in West Conshohocken largely as a result of the Blue Route (I-476) opening in the early 1990s.

Changes In Assessed Value 1987-1997

% Change
West Conshohocken Borough $3,946,000 $9,145,000 131.75%
Bensalem Township $134,209,000 $138,209,000 2.98%
Bristol Township $18,239,000 $18,996,000 4.15%

Middletown Township




Source: Local Government Statistics, PA DCED

As you can see, better highway access can substantially increase the tax base by encouraging new development.

Impact on Residential Property Values

History has shown that homes near a highway interchange can often increase in value. Since the proposed interchange would provide greater highway accessibility and reductions in local congestion, residential property values would likely increase or remain the same. Other factors that could positively affect residential property values include:

  • Project design - Incorporating design elements that minimize residential impacts
  • Placement of sound barriers - Constructing sound barriers would reduce highway noise
  • Removal of traffic - Reducing through-traffic from local roads and shifting it onto the interstate highways
  • Local property tax rates - Local homeowner taxes could be reduced as a result of an increased commercial tax base from new interchange-generated business

Impact on Health Care and Environmental Costs

Health care premiums are typically not determined by where you live. Since travel time savings help reduce accident rates, the proposed interchange may, in fact, decrease individual health care costs. In terms of environmental costs, the project would actually reduce regional auto emissions, because of the reduction in local congestion and cashless tolling (EZ-Pass) on the PA Turnpike. As a result, the proposed interchange would not exceed the national air quality standards for carbon monoxide, established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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