Southern Beltway Projects

Southern Beltway Projects - U.S. Route 22 to I-79


Design & Construction

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The U.S. Route 22 to I-79 project is the middle section of the Southern Beltway project which begins at the southern terminus of the Findlay Connector at the U.S. Route 22 Interchange and proceeds 13 miles southeast to an interchange with I-79 and a local connection at Morganza Road near the Allegheny/Washington County line. The Record of Decision (granting environmental clearance) was issued for the project in September 2008. The funding for the U.S. Route 22 to I-79 project is now in place thanks to a boost in funding from Act 89. Estimated cost for this 13 mile section is approximately $800m. The U.S. Route 22 to I-79 will be a cashless toll facility. For more information about cashless tolling, visit

Due to the complexity of building a new 13 mile roadway, the Route 22 to I-79 project has been divided into 9 construction sections. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) has completed two sections of the project, three sections are in construction, and right-of-way acquisition and final design are in progress for the other four sections. Details related to each section’s project limits, schedule, roadway alignment, and contact information can be accessed using the map above or the links below.