Southern Beltway Projects

Southern Beltway Projects - I-376 to U.S. Route 22


The Southern Beltway I-376 to U.S. Route 22 Project, also known as the Findlay Connector, was the first to be constructed and opened to traffic in October 2006. This project begins at the existing Pittsburgh International Airport Midfield Terminal Interchange on I-376. It then proceeds southward 6 miles to a new interchange with U.S. Route 22 between the existing Bavington and PA Route 980 interchanges. This project received environmental clearance, the Record of Decision, in May 1998. The total project cost was $238 million.

(To be complete Spring 2018)

This project will convert the Findlay Connector (Toll 576) to a cashless tolling facility, by constructing overhead gantries at milepost S-02.60, approximately 1.1 miles west of the Westport Road Interchange, Exit 4. The existing toll facilities at the exit ramps will be demolished at the U.S. Route 30 Interchange, Exit #2, the Westport Road Interchange, Exit #4, and the U.S. Route 22 Interchange, Exit #6, in Washington and Allegheny counties. This work is part of the PA Turnpike’s conversion to cashless tolling on Toll 576, which will eventually connect the Southern Beltway once work there is complete. For more information on the Cashless Tolling Program, visit the No Cash Zone website at

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