The construction of the Warrendale toll plaza will change the way that motorists travel the western end of the PA Turnpike.  At present, the Gateway interchange is the western limit of the PA turnpike system.  When the new Warrendale interchange is brought into service in May 2003, it will become the western limit of the turnpikes ticket system.  Motorists traveling eastbound will stop and pick up their tickets, while if traveling westbound, they will stop, hand in their tickets, and pay the required fare.  EZ pass lanes will also be in use at the Warrendale interchange.

   With streamlining the western portion of the PA turnpike, the Gateway Interchange will become a “fixed rate” toll plaza. (The fare has yet to be determined)  The toll booths and facilities between the Gateway and Warrendale interchanges will be eliminated.  This will allow for continuous travel between these two interchanges.

   This project is the construction of roadways, structures, new utility building and the construction of the new Warrendale toll plaza.

   The project consists of four separate contracts:  The general contract, awarded to Mosites Contracting, for $21,721,382.00.  Plumbing, awarded to Vrabel Plumbing, for $96,325.00.  Electrical, awarded to Bruce and Merriles, for $625,153.00,  and HVAC was awarded to Marc Services for $282,900.00.

   Each contractor has a different but equally important role in the construction of the Warrendale toll plaza.  The general contractor (Mosites) is responsible for the expansion, rehabilitation, and construction of the roadway as well as, the new toll plaza area with 5 eastbound lanes and 8 westbound lanes.  In order to accomplish this, Mosites had to demolish the existing service plaza.

   The project also includes the construction of a sound wall to shelter the community from traffic noise.  Also being done is the extension of the existing box culvert and arch culvert to accommodate the new toll plaza.